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Boscovs Department Store


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Brand Development


The Men’s Department needed an update as well as a way to roll out a new sizing campaign; Comfort Decoded. I was tasked to come up with a look that not only explained the new sizing labels but could also be adapted and used throughout the department.

With direction from one of the Creative Managers, I developed the sizing icons and from there, was able to create a color scheme, pattern, and style that was fresh, yet still masculine. The result was described as "fresh and engaging" by the Director of Visual Merchandising.

The branding was incorporated into overheads and free-standing signs that could be placed within different sections of the Men’s Department.

Mockup on gray background


These icons were introduced in the visual displays and used as identifiable symbols on the tags of the clothes.

Arrow icon

Stretchable Fabric

Arrow icon

Flexible Collar

Arrow icon


Arrow icon

Flexible Arm


The pattern used for the men's visual merchandising was used to create cohesion throughout the pieces. It consists of geometric forms, which create a masculine feel without overpowering the merchandise.

Department store mockup
Department store mockup